Review of the Latest Asus ROG Strix GT15 Intel, Anti-hassle Gaming PC to Assemble

Who said PC Gaming is finished? In fact, it’s even more exciting now. Especially when the prices of its components, such as graphics cards, are increasingly affordable and tempting for fans. Now many users are starting to look back at assembled desktop PCs to be used as gaming rigs. But not everyone has the time and energy to bother assembling a PC.

Not a few among PC gamers who prefer built-up gaming PCs that are “finished” and live to use. Of course it can be customized further at a later date, if needed.

Seeing this potential, Asus has quietly presented its newest gaming desktop PC called the Asus ROG Strix GT15 G15CF. This built-up gaming desktop PC is ideal because it is running the latest main components, namely the Intel Core 12th Gen processor and also capable graphics based on the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 series.

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Can Android Get Malware?

Android devices can get malware, just like any other computer or mobile device. Malware is any type of software that is designed to harm, disrupt, or gain unauthorized access to a device or system. Malware can be distributed through a variety of channels, such as malicious websites, email attachments, or through the installation of malicious apps.

Android devices are particularly vulnerable to malware due to the open nature of the Android platform, which allows third-party app developers to create and distribute apps outside of the official Google Play Store. This can make it easier for attackers to distribute malicious apps and for users to inadvertently install them.

Common types of malware that can infect Android devices include:

  1. Trojan apps: These are malicious apps that masquerade as legitimate apps, but have hidden functions that allow attackers to steal data or take control of the device.
  2. Adware: These are apps that display
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Can AI Hack Security in Software?

AI can be used to detect and exploit vulnerabilities in software, but it cannot “hack” security in software by itself. AI is a tool that can be used by both ethical and unethical actors to identify vulnerabilities and develop exploits, but it still requires a human operator to execute an attack.

AI can be used to automate and accelerate the process of identifying vulnerabilities in software. For example, machine learning algorithms can analyze large amounts of code to identify patterns and anomalies that may indicate a vulnerability. AI can also be used to generate exploits that take advantage of these vulnerabilities, but this still requires a human operator to execute the exploit.

It’s important to note that AI can also be used for defensive purposes in software security. For example, machine learning algorithms can be used to detect and block malicious traffic or identify anomalous behavior that may indicate an … Read the rest

How AI is transforming industries

What is AI Technology?

AI technology refers to the development and use of artificial intelligence, which is a branch of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as learning, perception, reasoning, and decision-making. AI technology is based on the use of algorithms and mathematical models that enable machines to learn from data and adapt to new situations.

AI technology encompasses several subfields, including machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and expert systems. Machine learning algorithms are used to train AI systems to recognize patterns in data and make predictions or decisions based on that data. Natural language processing algorithms enable machines to understand and generate human language. Computer vision algorithms enable machines to recognize and interpret visual data, such as images and videos. Robotics involves the development of intelligent machines that can perform physical tasks, such as … Read the rest

5 Tips Google Search Engine Tips To Help You Find Information

The most common way most people use Google to find information is; Enter a few words and click the “Search” button. However, as I’m sure you know, you usually have to scroll through thousands of pages, sometimes millions, so it’s often very difficult to find what you’re looking for.

Here are 5 useful tips to help you find things faster when using the Google search engine:

1. Use the Exact Phrase search option.

When you do a simple search, Google returns results for all web pages that contain the words you typed.
For example, you might want to find information about a car that you are planning to buy. You can enter: used Mercedes
Google returns a web page that contains the keywords “used” and “Mercedes” anywhere on the page. You may come across a web page that has a story with the word “used” at the top of the … Read the rest

How to Choose the Right Commercial Insurance Broker for Your Business Growth

Please note that it is beneficial to insure your business. There are some incidents that you cannot prevent that can easily lead to the closure of your business. Some of these things are fire and theft. When you decide to insure your business, you need a commercial insurance broker. To avoid frustration, find a reliable commercial insurance broker. Here are some things to keep in mind.

You should have researched. It is important that you find the right commercial insurance broker who can provide you with exactly the solution you deserve. This is why research is so important, as it will lead you to make a firm decision about the most suitable commercial insurance broker that you can trust. Here you need to identify websites that will not mislead you and will allow you to find the best commercial insurance brokers. You should know how long these commercial insurance brokers … Read the rest

Choosing the Right Payroll Service for Your Services When choosing a payroll service for your business, be sure to choose a company that meets your needs. Payroll solutions can help you manage payroll expenses, provide employee benefits and tax reporting, and more.

Still, choosing the ideal provider can be difficult. When evaluating your options, you should consider your specific needs, budget, and security requirements. Payroll solutions work by tracking employee income, calculating gross salary, deducting tax liability from income, and depositing paychecks directly into employee savings accounts. Payroll procedures may also include benefits such as pay breaks and sick leave.

Some services offer mobile apps that your employees can use to view payslips and update their personal information. Many payroll services also allow employers to pay employees based on the number of hours worked. Businesses can choose to pay hourly, bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly. Other companies offer fixed rates to … Read the rest


Monetizing Your Website With Adsense!

How do you maximize your website?

By making a few bucks per click by displaying Adsense ads on it. Many now realize that this source of income makes a lot of money. Try a simple math calculation by multiplying those clicks for each page on your site and you’ll get a sum equal to your residual monthly income with the least amount of effort you put in.

Google Adsense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display relevant, text-based Google ads on their website’s content pages and make money doing it. The ads you see are related to what users are searching for on your site. This is the main reason why you can both monetize and enhance your content pages with Adsense.

How much you make depends on how much advertisers are willing to pay. It also depends on the required keywords. If … Read the rest