Effectiveness has always been a priority in most business models, but we’ve never had so many chances to increase it. With technological development, business intelligence software is becoming a standard in various industries that put efficiency first. What are the examples of BI solutions, and how can you benefit from their implementation?

The capitalist market encourages efficiency. In all the sectors, companies are testing every new way to reach the evolving standards. When benchmarking, the entrepreneurs usually come up with the same assumption – there is no escape from the technology. And there is no point to escape it! Digital tools open so many possibilities – particularly when it comes to efficiency.

Business intelligence solutions – what are they?

Business intelligence (BI) solutions manage the data related to various activities of the company. Their role is to store, categorize, process, and analyze data. These tasks are time-consuming and require processing powers that are unachievable without technological automation. Business intelligence software ranges from simple software such as spreadsheets to data mining tools and reporting software.

What can BI be? This sector of software development services is expanding at a fast pace, but in general, all the solutions that process and analyze data for business growth-related purposes qualify as BI. Aside from collecting, processing, and visualizing data, they can:

  • carry out predictive analyses of data
  • create reports
  • analyze the incidents in the system to detect potential dangers
  • calculate the estimated costs and income

With BI solutions, you can increase the productivity and security of such systems like CRMs and CMSs, among others. They’re also commonly used on the production lines in order to maximize efficiency. With Business Intelligence tools, it’s much easier to get to the core of things. The program does all the repetitive and mundane tasks so that you can focus on creative ones. As a result, it facilitates drawing the operational insights and decision making.

Are the BI solutions only for big businesses?

Contrary to common belief, small companies with relatively low operational costs can also enjoy the benefits of BI. Such solutions can actually help them grow at a fast pace and become the leaders in their niche. 

How to choose a BI solution that will actually help you grow?

A lot depends on the industry, but in general, it’s worth paying attention to the software’s flexibility. The option of adding and removing functionalities will allow you to make the BI tool fit your business needs 100%. Another thing worth mentioning is the automation tools. The usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning can make these tools more powerful than ever. In addition, when choosing your software, make sure to verify whether it’s easy to integrate it with the other systems, particularly if you have a custom one.